Bringing pottery to the people! 

Get your hands dirty and your mind creating in clay.  I have put together a variety of offerings to keep on making in the comfort of your own home or in small groups in a space of your choosing.  Online workshops available for you to do at your own pace with a youtube tutorial.  Zoom classes are newly up, with our recently improved internet!  All in-person classes are portable, so I bring everything to you and you create in your own space!  This means you provide the Comox Valley location and gather the people you want to share a class with.  This gives you control of who you are in contact with enabling us to follow Covid guidelines and stay safe while learning with a small group.  All classes will meet Covid protocols including mandatory masks for all indoor participants, sanitizing and a 6-person maximum.  But hey, you can wear your jammies, drink whatever you want, and either stay at home working at your own pace online or enjoy plenty of direct in-person instruction with your bubble of closest people!

Online Classes

Join me via YouTube or Zoom for an hour or two of clay creating.  Each class includes all your supplies delivered to your door within the Comox Valley, access to my video tutorial, then pick-up and finishing (firing, glazing and firing again) by me.  Options for people living beyond the Comox Valley also available.

Upcoming Classes

‘clay stamps’, ‘Christmas ornaments', ‘tiles’, ‘hand-built mug’, ‘chia pet’

What supplies will I need?
  • Rolling pin
  • Bucket of water
  • Towel
  • Any extra items for texture
  • Cutting board can be handy
How it works (Comox Valley)
  • Register for online class
  • Pay tool kit deposit (or purchase tool kit to keep if preferred)
  • Took kit delivered to your door (Comox Valley only) on specific date, to be returned at end of class.
  • You have two weeks to complete project at your leisure
  • I pick up pieces and the tool kit on specific date (listed in each class description). Have your pieces and kit ready and out somewhere for me to find and access easily.
  • I complete the firings and glazing
  • Pick up final pieces at my Merville studio after I let you know they are complete. (Firing times subject to my studio kiln schedule).
How it works (beyond Comox Valley)

This requires you to source a location to fire and glaze your pieces if you wish to complete them… try your local community center, art studio or maybe you have a friend with a kiln?  Note: clay provided by me is a cone 6 stoneware, anyone firing your pieces will want to know that.  Not everyone will be open to firing other artists work, be mindful and please do your research BEFORE registering.

  • Option 1 - tutorial access and printable template (if applicable). This option means you have the clay, glaze, kiln access and you just want to learn the technique using my tutorial.
  • Option 2 – tutorial access, printable template (if applicable) AND a clay kit delivered to you via Canada Post

Clay kits vary depending on project and often items from the home can be used and these will be listed.  What’s included is class specific and will be listed with each class.

What is provided in the Clay Kit option?

If you are located outside of the Comox Valley and you select the Clay Kit option, you will receive:

  • Required amount of clay
  • Canvas to work on
  • Cutting & carving tool
  • Metal rib
  • Small dollop of underglaze (blue)
  • Bottle of black underglaze
  • Sponge
little bowl
Tiny bowls

This is a great project for any level and you end up with versatile little bowls for your... so many things, really... dips, jewelry, gem collections, treasures small and special.  Let's get together via ZOOM to make these!  We will use soft-slabs of clay along with some adapted press-mold technique to make matching stackable multiples.  Textures are encouraged and some instructions for drying and adding underglaze provided at end of class.  Firing and glaze in clear is included and will be completed by me in my home studio.

Jan 25th 7-8:30 (kit delivery Jan 20th)

Approximate length: 1.5 hours




tutorial access, tool kit list and printable template



tutorial access, printable template AND clay kit to keep, mailed to you via Canada Post.  Firing & glazing not included.


Two Tumblers

This tutorial will guide you in making two slab-built drinking vessels.  We will build our vessels over two sessions, initially forming the piece, then adding surface decoration in the form of texture and underglaze.

Kit delivery Jan 20th, pickup two weeks later.

Approximate length: 3 hours, delivered in two sessions with a 2 day (or longer) drying time between.  This is only an estimate, work at your own pace and enjoy the process!




tutorial access, tool kit list and printable template



tutorial access, printable template AND clay kit to keep, mailed to you via Canada Post.  Firing & glazing not included.


Planter Pot

Build a soft slab planter and add your own textures.  This project will be done in approximately 1.5 hours with a half hour break partway through (for clay drying).  This tutorial is slightly more advanced than 'Two Tumblers', experience is not necessary, however handling a large soft slab will be a bit easier if you have worked with clay before.  I will dip pieces in either white or green (your choice)

Dates TBD

Approximate length: 1.5 hours




tutorial access, tool kit list and printable template



tutorial access, printable template AND clay kit to keep, mailed to you via Canada Post.  Firing & glazing not included.


Covid is still here, but we are all learning to live and carry on with it.  I am still offering small in-person portable classes brought to your space/home/office/workshop/patio/etc.  For all of our safety masks will be worn where a 6 foot distance is not possible.

With instruction, tools, 2 wheels and clay brought to you, I can cater the class to your needs.  Do you want to host a clay day(s) with your chosen people?  Get in touch to set up a date.

OUTdoor & at home Classes

These are portable classes, designed to be done in a space of your own with a group of your choosing. I will bring two wheels plus all supplies and the class will be adapted to work with the number of people in the group. Amount of wheel time will vary dependent on number of participants.

Get together for good times with clay!

What equipment is provided?
  • clay,
  • two wheels,
  • tools 
  • additional table workspace if needed.
How much space do I need to host a class?

Each wheel work space requires a minimum 4’x3’ area with accessibility into given space.

In addition, you will need:

  • area for 3’x3’ work table(s), one per two people
  • access to water is essential, a sink is ideal, but filled buckets can also work.
  • multi-day classes will need somewhere to store clay pieces between classes.
What do I need to bring?
  • towel
  • clothes that can get dirty
Will my space get dirty/messy?

I encourage everyone to ‘clean as you go’ to keep clay contained and at the end of class we all work together to leave the space as it was.  I will do a final mop at the end.

Can we eat, drink, play music?

Currently with Covid, we must wear masks so eating and drinking is not really an option, but as rules change drinks and snacks will be welcome.  Music, yes!

How do my clay pieces get finished?

I will bring completed pieces to my studio, do the first (bisque) firing in my kiln, then glaze pieces and fire them again.  Longer classes (weekly) have the option to do the glazing yourselves.

What colour will my piece be?

I will bring a selection of 2-3 glazes for you to choose from and I will dip your piece in the chosen glaze.

When can I pick up my finished pottery?

This will vary and will be outlined in each class. Pottery has many stages, drying, first (bisque) firing, glazing, then firing a second time. Therefore pieces being finished to completion with a glaze firing are subject to my studio firing schedule and may not be glaze fired for a few weeks after the end of class. Thanks for your understanding.

Clay Party

One 3 hour session

This class is about enjoying the process, not focused on final outcome, as clay is a slow medium and there are many steps to get a piece to completion, therefore a one day session is just the beginning.

I bring two wheels plus one or two worktables and all the other tools and supplies need.  We will take turns on the wheel and when not on the wheel I will walk us through the basics of hand-building.  If you already have experience, let me know and I will meet you at your skill level.

At the end of the class you can choose a couple pieces you would love to see finished, select a glaze you like from a few samples and I will bring them to my studio to finish them.


max 6 people

3 hours 


6 participants = $79/person

Two day Intensive

Two 4 hour sessions, two days in a row, to immerse yourself in the joy of clay.  Both days will have a focus on the process and having fun while learning the fundamentals of hand-building and wheel throwing.

Everyone will get a chance to learn pinching, coiling, soft slab as well as try the wheel.

The second day will also include the chance to decorate pieces from the first day with underglaze.  At the end of the second class I will bring pieces to my home studio and finish them with a glaze of your choice (from a few samples).


max 6 people

8 hours (4 hours/day)


6 participants = $187.50/person

Clay for Two

Date Night!

Have fun getting muddy with your friend/partner/sibling/whatever.  It is all about process in this two hour evening session! This is in my personal studio space which is small but fits two nicely.

You can keep a few pieces you love, choose from a small selection of glazes (green, blue or white) and I will carry them through to completion, tidying bottoms, first firing, glazing and second firing.

Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30, currently booking dates for January & February.

note: vaccination passports and masks required.


max 2 adults

2 hours


2 participants = $137.50/person

Pottery consulting:

I am available to come to your pottery studio, we work with your supplies and build skills in whatever area you need help with to get to the next level.  Anything from learning how to fire the kiln you bought at a garage sale to refining forms, throwing techniques, glaze mixing, glaze application and beyond.  Get in touch for more info.  (Please note, this does not include advanced glaze chemistry or kiln wiring, repairs or maintenance.)

$50/hour - 2 hour minimum