Inspired by nature...

Nestled in the woods on Vancouver Island, Ramona Gregory creates art spanning various mediums and styles with an underlying theme rooted in the natural world. Life by the forest and ocean inspire her work, with details such as dimples and tentacles, images of creatures, and carved animal designs appearing on many pieces.

Forms in nature have served as inspiration, a point from which to let my imagination roam. I have always felt that despite huge advances in science and technology, there is still much about the world that remains a mystery… unknown and undiscovered, something intrinsic to our being, ephemeral and beautiful. I revel in the possibilities of flora and fauna undiscovered, yet to be discovered or yet to evolve. The strangeness and perfection of some of nature’s solutions such as protective shells, spines and spikes, the specifics of pollination, migration, tentacles and organs, capture my imagination with their spectacle of complexity.

Cremation vessel - Ocean

Ramona Gregory

I have always been a very interdisciplinary artist, using whatever medium I feel is most appropriate for me. Although in the past I tried to curb this and originally tried to focus on one medium only, I have found that this is very limiting for me as I feel equally comfortable working with clay or paint and enjoy the different possibilities each provides.

Elementerra Art Studio

My respect of nature was instilled in me from a young age, having grown up in the Comox Valley. Yet, it wasn’t until I returned to the Valley after ten years of tree-planting, traveling, and attending university at Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, that I fully realized the impact the natural world has on my ability to thrive as an artist. I carry with me all the experiences and inspiration of those transient years, while I now work out of a converted barn in Merville BC, where I find fuel for my imagination all around me.